Public Workers Administration

June 16, 1933

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Who was the program intended to help?

It intended to help the country climb out of the Great Depression.
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What was the program intended to do?

Designed to reduce unemployment and increase purchasing power through the construction of highways and public buildings.
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Does this program still exist today?

Abolished in June 194.
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How successful was the program relieving the economic crisis.

Yes it was, crated many projects.
New Deal-Public Works Association

The video

  • Talks about how the economy crashed in the 1920s
  • Business and banks failed
  • the unemployment rate rose

Understanding the Great Depression

Didn't bring it to the end but they reduced the magnitude of it

Does this program fall under the Relief, Recovery, or Reform.

Recovery by spending over $4 billion on some 34,000 projects that included public buildings, highways, and parkways
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