Cross Country

By: Brooks Davidson

Dates for Cross country meets

  1. September 15 @Pembroke Hill (Loose Park) 4:00 (Yeokum, Maple Park, Nowlin, PHMS)
  2. September 16 @Osage Trail Invitational 4:00
  3. September 21 HOME MEET @ Stocksdale Park 4:00 (BCMS, Center, OTMS, Nowlin)
  4. September 23 @Pleasant Lea 4:00 (Bingham, Raytown, PKMS, PLMS)
  5. September 28 @Maple Park 4:00 (PLMS, UA, MPMS)
  6. September 30 @Buffalo Stampede (Pioneer Ridge) 4:00
  7. October 5 @Kearney (Jesse James Park) 4:00 (Liberty North, PHMS, PCMS, KMS)
  8. October 7 @Ray-Pec Invitational 4:00

How to join and Practice Times

Cross country is a great club for anyone who wants to compete in running or get exercise. However if you are an eighth grader this year then you will not be able to participate next year obviously. But, for all you sixth and seventh graders who are hyped about cross country remember to sign up next year. Next, after school you will go out to the bus lot and wait for all the buses to pull out then two buses will take you over to LMS. The practices for cross country end at 4:20 give or take and are everyday of the week unless it says not on the calendar for cross country. Now for meets if you are at DMS you will leave your eight hour class at 2:00 so you can get ready to leave on the buses. Following up you need to have gone to a total of 14 practices before you can go to a meet. Remember to sign up for cross country next year!

Scott Davis -- Head Coach Chris Rouse -- Assistant Jessica Shaw -- Assistant Mike Harding - Assistant

Requirements for Cross country

There are a few things that are required to join cross country however. One of them being you must get a sports physical and fill out a few forms. Next you will have to pay 50$ for pay to play so you can race in the meets. Finally, you will have to fill out a emergency contact form that will be required for the meets.