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9/14/15 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

Fasten Your Seat Belts...Busy Week Ahead!

Next week will find us on the EXPRESSWAY AT RUSH HOUR! Proceed with caution and patience.

Indeed, we have a very busy week ahead! Deep breath: we can do this!

"Teach me Your paths."

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Company is coming! Office of Catholic Education Walk-Through Scheduled for 9/16 and 9/22

Exciting news! Maria Ippolito, Director of Enrollment Management for the Office of Catholic Schools, will be visiting St. Ann's on September 16th to meet with me (following an initial walk-through) and again on September 22nd to meet with the eleven Council Principals. Maria and all of the principals will do a walk-through of the building on Tuesday, September 22nd around 9:45 a.m. Maria has heard good things about our school's environment including our strong Catholic identity, welcoming "feel", attention to cleanliness in the building/presentation, "curb side" appeal, and is looking to utilize us as a model school! (She had a lot of good things to say over the phone!) As always, please have your rooms, desks, lockers, and displayed student work reflect how indeed We Are St. Ann School. In addition, I am always looking to improve our school; I've asked Maria to point out anything we can do better in our efforts to recruit more great students into our great Catholic school. I am also very proud of ALL of us. Thank you!

Professional Growth Articles: "Marshall's Memo"

This week's quotes and articles come from Educational Leadership, The Education Gadfly, Education Trust, Edutopia, Battelle for Kids, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Virginia Journal of Education, and The Cooper Center. Here are the headlines:

- A troubling snapshot of classroom-level Common Core implementation

- Dylan Wiliam on crafting effective "hinge" questions

- Encouraging a metacognitive "voice" inside students' minds

- Three myths about differentiation

- Learning from the most-successful Ohio districts and schools

- Advice for writers of all ages

- Dealing with tardy students

- Using songs and their lyrics in high-school English classes

- Maps showing U.S. racial segregation

Turn on your speakers!

Kindergarten's giggling is contagious!

Please "REMIND" your parents about pre-ordering tickets and sending in raffle basket items.

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