The Islamic Creed


Shahada in arabic means testimony the creed testifies two things: Nothing deserves worship except God (Allah) and Muhammad is the messenger of god.

Why is this practiced?

If you are asking this that is a very good question, the answer to this question is to testify that Allah is the only one and true god, also to testify that Muhammad is Allah's prophet. A person can become muslim by reciting the shahada sincerely in arabic.

When is this performed? And how often?

Another great question, the answer to this one is the creed is recited upon birth into a baby's ear and when a person is about to die they will recite the creed. Also, when someone is becoming a muslim.

Interesting facts

You may all be wondering how did they get muslim out of islam well do I have an answer for you, Islam is arabic for submission muslim is one who is submitted to god (Allah), The word Shahada is in the quran, Allah is the god of the islamic religion, There is no actual creed that you must listen to, to be a muslim.

connections to your life

There are many connections between your life and the creed for example if you are christian or jewish you also only believe in one god and worship one god. Another connection is they are monotheistic like many other religion. They have a holy place in which there are many religious symbols. They have a symbol that represents the religion just like many, but not all, other world religion.