The New SPS Wellness Plan

Proven to Support the Healthy People 2020 Act

The SPS Wellness Plan has been made to fit into the goals of the Healthy People 2020 Act, which are to promote the best possible health to end preventable death, injury and illness; eliminate health disparities; make wellness a way of life and promote healthy environments. We can prove it! Look below for all of the reasons why you should make the SPS Wellness Plan Springfield's new guidelines for healthy living.

Safety First

The SPS Wellness plan promotes the best health possible in order to prevent injury and prolong the life span of our students with its careful regulations around physical education. These regulations help make sure that the students get the physical activity needed with as little injury as possible by providing an adequate space designed to keep the students safe.

No Student Left Behind

Students are protected as far as their physical capabilities in physical education. As the SPS Wellness plan states, the teacher must meet the needs of all students, including the ones who are not athletically gifted. It also says that there must be multiple activities provided that are considerate of different culture and gender roles.


Students would be taught of the importance of abstinence from tobacco, alcohol and sex at this age. There would also be advertisement of abstinence to help encourage it.

A Great Place To Be

The air quality, both indoor and out, would be monitored to help keep the air fresh and clean. The staff would also be carefully selected to make sure that they were safe for the students to be around and would promote a healthy life style.

What more could you want from healthy guidelines like these?