New Technology

By Malik and Marwan

IPhone 6s

The iPhone 6S is a mobile phone made by a company called apple. Apple released the phone September 9, 2015. The difference between the iPhone 6 and 6S is the 6S has 3D touch. the phone is used for calling, communication, playing games, GPS and researching. It works by pressing the power button to turn it on and swipe to the right to turn it on. Most features of the phone require WiFi like safari. we chose this device because it is a nice phone.

Ipad Pro

The Ipad pro came out on the same day as the IPhone 6s which is September 9 2015. the ipad pro is a very large device. it is 12.9 inch screen that comes with the new apple pen. the apple pen is a pen you can use to control the screen. The IPad was made by a company called Apple. The ipad pro is just like an iphone but it is much larger and you cannot call on it. it is used as a smaller and more portable version of a laptop. we chose this device because it is a new device and we want people to know about it and if it is worth it.

Our Tehcnology

Apple watch

The apple watch is a smart watch made by apple. it was released on april 24 2015. it is used as a smaller version of a phone. you can use the apple watch to call, check the time and set reminders. the apple watch is a touchscreen watch. we chose the apple watch because it is a device everyone should know about and is very useful.


IPhone 6s:

IPad Pro:

apple watch