Happy New Year!

We wish you a 2016 filled with ‪wonder, joy, and ‎learning‬.

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Families, friends, and community members,

As 2015 draws to a close, we celebrate the accomplishments of our first 16 months and know that we could not have achieved them without your support.

Our students have posed questions about and investigated a variety of topics within their studies this year. They have researched breads that are sold and made in our neighborhood, made pizza for our classmates and families, sold fresh produce at our weekly Farm Stand, visited the new Whitney Museum, watched The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, starred in a local NBC show, and so much more. Looking forward, we are excited for the adventures 2016 holds for our learning community.

Your contributions have played a crucial role in positioning Compass as an example of high-quality, diverse, and progressive education for communities around the country. Building on the momentum of this work, please consider sharing our new video or making an end-of-year contribution.

Thank you and come visit.

The Compass Staff

Compass Charter School 2015