Not the food, the one in your computer. :)

Wait, What is Spam?

If you have an email, Spam is like an annoying person that never leaves you alone.

Spam is a type of email that gets sent to millions of people to try and trick people. Not only is it irritating but it's dangerous! It can be used for fraud and can take time and money. Sorting through mail to delete spam emails is taxing and it costs money to send or receive spam.

How to Avoid Spam

The people that send spam are usually trying to use it for fraud. They send it out to millions of addresses that might not even be real! They want you to reply to clarify that you are a real email address, so a key point for avoiding spam would be not to answer. Using filters to go through spam is very helpful because you can delete it all before you get tricked. Having one email used just for signing up for things is good so they won't really bother you and your personal email won't get hacked.