Eat Well. Live Fit.

Food Coach, and Professional Chef, Michelle Bommarito

Culinary Accomplishments

  • Working for Martha Stewart

  • Food Network

  • The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan

  • Personal Chef for Athlete Michael Jordan

Classes Offered

  • Slice, Dice, and Julienne

  • Energize your Pantry

  • The Whole Grain Advantage and More

  • Cooking with Beans and Legumes

  • Seasonal Soups

  • Salads/Vinaigrettes

  • Cooking with Chicken, Salmon, or Fish

  • Homemade Pizza

  • Mexican Cuisine

  • Appetizers

  • Breakfast, Packing a Lunch, and Dinner

Each class provides food to taste, one hour presentaion on developing cooking skills, and new recipes.

Michelle's Goal

Learn how to make healthy eating choices, prep easy nutritional meals, and knock out cravings, with Food Coach and Professional Chef, Michelle Bommarito. She believes in staying fit by choosing the right foods to put into your body and that what we eat can greatly impact our mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle Bommarito Contact Info

Book your session with Michelle Bommarito by March 1, 2015 for a special rate of $99. Available every Wednesday