Team Shine Bright - October News

Let's make the month Spook-tacular for you!

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Christmas Shopping season has arrived!

Welcome to the Winter Premiere. I don't know about you, but I'm rocking around the Christmas tree (so excited) because I KNOW that this new Collection is going to be SO easy to sell. And the price points - just wow!!! Share your excitements with friends, school mums, family, and past hostesses, because they are going to want to host a Style Session in October. Trust me !

My favourites are the new sets of studs , the Mermaid sequin clutch, the new silver ring and pave hoop earrings. The Cameron necklace is really special to me because of my little girl with the same name !!!!!!

Did you qualify in September by selling 500 pqv ? If so, you'll be shopping the samples at 50% discount. Perhaps you've earned Product Credits to buy your samples for free? And if neither of these apply, I have a sparkly idea up my sleeve so that you can still buy the new collection for free and at 40% discount. Just host your own Style Session at home! You're allowed to host four a year and benefit from cash earnings as the Stylist AND also free product credits as the Hostess!

Happy sampling everyone - and be sure to book those Style Sessions in for October so that your friends can shop the Christmas gift ware BEFORE it sells out. Remember 4 trunkshows a month for a very strong and healthy business and 6-8 a month to rapidly grow your business and promote.

New arrivals for October

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October Sign Up Special

Do you know anyone who would make a great stylist? Picture your dream team and go for it! Now is THE BEST time to help others to join this business. Here are just 3 reasons:

1) It is the busiest selling time of the entire year - so not only is your new stylist more likely to get off to a strong start and sell more, but YOU will also earn more as her sponsor and mentor!

2) In the month of October, new Stylists can start a business with us for just £169 and receive £400 of FREE JEWELLERY to choose (that's an extra £100 - as it's usually just £300. This is an all-time HIGH for us!)

3) At this time of year, if you recruit, it's so much easy to promote to the next career rank and earn more! Why? Because not only will you sell more in the run up to Christmas, but so will your team. So If you've ever dreamed about promotion.....NOW is the time. Prep yourself to promote in October and November by layering your diary with Style Sessions.

Think you don't have enough time to coach someone? Think again! We have Stylist meet ups all over the UK, Ireland, Scotland and don't forget that you can recruit stylists in Germany, France, US and Canada. The support is out there!

So what can you do right now to sponsor?

Save the image below and email it to 10 people on your dream team. Remind them that starting their own business is the price of a supermarket shop! BUT They can make their money back in 2 hours AND have £400 of FREE jewellery plus a free online shop for 2 months!

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The Winter Reveal

There are Winter season premieres taking place all over the UK during October. They are probably the most important seasonal stylist meetings to attend. Pick the one closest to you and pop along for an hour or two. There will not only be GIVEAWAYS for Stylists! There will also be Giveaways for your prospectives so please do bring along anyone who is interested in the business. It would be fabulous if we can all aim to bring one person each for the ride. Even if you can't make it - feel free to send along a prospective and we promise to look after them on your behalf.

At the Winter Training, we will be covering: The Rebecca Minkoff designer collection, Winter seasonal trends, Christmas party personal styling, Your New Group Hello, Building Sponsoring Confidence, Goal Setting at Christmas to reach your promotion, How to manage your work/life balance during the busiest quarter of the year.


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The Cheshire meet up

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October Marketing Materials

Don't forget to print out your Trunkshow exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! Amazeballs! These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on Stellaverse.
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Top 10 in Sales last month

4) Angela Parker 1,335.7

5) Cherith Chamberlain 1,094.67

6) Rebecca Hickman - In Jumpstart! 1,082

7) Laura Makinson 1,081.59

8) Amanda Smart 1,010.25

9) Lynnette Tibbetts 1,005.23

10) Kath Hamer 819


Cherith Chamberlain 5

Jane Buckle 4

Emma Hall 4

Angela Parker 3

Lynnette Tibbetts 3

Carrie Ann Stevens 3

Rebecca Hickman 2

Carol Paxman-Hughes 2

Amanda Smart 2

Nicola Faulkner 2

Sophie Tootell 2

Stephanie Smith 2

Welcome to our New Independent Stylists!

A massive warm welcome to ALL THE NEW STYLISTS on our team -

Anna Goddard

Sally Cordwell

Heather Kearns

Nicola Piriazzo Gibson

Rebecca Hickman

Sarah Bennett

Kathryn Hamer

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Trunkshow themes

Here are 5 ideas for October-themed trunkshow bookings:

1) Ghouls and Jewels.

2) Spook & Sparkle.

3) Breast Cancer Boutique.

4) Sip & Shop for a Cause.

5) Get styled for Autumn.

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

It's here! The busiest time of the year! The last quarter Sept-Dec (Q4) is when YOU make a significant increase to your annual income and it all begins in October. Many retailers (including us) do 60% of their annual business in these months - so if you've just joined the business, congrats! A GOAL is achieved by first deciding what you want and how you're going to get there. That's where I come in. Firstly, I'd like each of you to email me your goal. Then I can help you plan the next bit! The great thing about Stella & Dot is that there are no glass ceilings in terms of earnings. Want to earn more than me ? Just work harder. It's that simple. The sky's the limit and nothing would make me happier than to see you ALL in the clouds! xxx