Andrew Jackson

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Spoils system

Andrew Jackson started using the spoil system which is if you vote for him you get a government job in return. Some people liked it, others did not. The ones who did liked it, liked it because it had a common man in a government job. The ones who disliked it, didn't like it because they thought that some of the common man didn't have the right to run inn that place or didn't have any government history.

killing the national bank

Andrew Jackson didn't like the national bank and wanted it to end. He thought it was unconstitutional and a tool for the wealthy. Jackson got elected a second turn and used his power, and vetoed a bill to take the bank down. Jackson then started to take money out of the national bank and put it into random banks in the u.s.

Nullification crisis

The tariffs of 1828 and 1832 passed with Jackson, which made the south very upset. The south lived for manufacturing and imported goods. The south got so mad and threaten to secede from the union, almost causing a war. So congress passed a force bill, giving jackson the military. It was all solved by the tariff compromise 1883
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Andrew Jackson cartoon

the picture above is showing how the artist thought of Jackson as a king or a ruler of a high power. The picture has Jackson standing on the constitution, maybe saying that he doesn't be leave in it or he thinks its useless, maybe even he is better then it. He is also holding a veto bill which is showing how he vetoed the national bank to get rid of it.


A very positive northerner:

hello um i'm a very positive northerner and Jackson did a really great job. I mean, look at those tariffs, they did great. So what you have to pay 1 extra penny for some goods! Those know it all southerners are just acting like children and suck it up Jackson is some one we will always need if the us is going to be great.

A very negative southerner:

uh yes, hello user a very positive northerner, i think that Jackson needs to go! He ruined our national bank! We kinda need that, i know people say its a tool for the wealthy but no its for every one. Also those tariff nearly killed the south. We are not acting like kids if we are going to die, the south fights that's why one of our states threaten to secede from the union. IT WAS ALMOST A WAR