aimsweb Assessment

Required assessment for students in K-2nd grade

Prepare your K-2nd grader now!

Help your student prepare for the aimsweb Early Literacy Screening assessment! Take advantage of this opportunity to better prepare your student for the required test in May, 2016. All public school students in grades K-2 must comply with the Early Literacy Screening requirement, as per 4AAC 06.713.

what is aimsweb?

The aimsweb measures are used to identify students at risk for reading difficulties and monitor the progress of students as they move on the pathway to good reading.

How is aimsweb administered?

  1. Your student will meet one-on-one with your advisory teacher.
  2. Your advisory teacher will administer up to four 1-minute prompts.
  3. Your advisory teacher will meet with you immediately after the test to give the results, as well as recommended courses of action based on those results.

What is the content of the assessment?

1. Letter Naming Fluency

Identified frequently as the best single indicator of risk for reading failure

2. Letter Sound Fluency

With equal or better predictive ability to later general reading skills

3. Phoneme Segmentation Fluency

The ability to hear critical sounds in the spoken word

4. Nonsense Word Fluency

The ability to link the written code with the most common sounds

Schedule your aimsweb testing appointment

Your appointment will be scheduled for 30 minutes per student to allow ample time for the student to take the test and the advisory teacher to discuss the results with you.

E-mail Valerie ( or Bijan ( as soon as possible to schedule your preferred date and time with your advisory teacher.