Della's Consign Home Decor

February 2014


I have started a fan of the week program. The more active you are on our Facebook page, the more likely YOU are to win! Every Monday at noon a random, active fan will get $5 in store credit! So be sure to post, comment, LIKE everything.


Della's offers our family of customers an awesome rewards program! It's free to sign up. Here's how it works: Sign up by giving us your name, and e-mail. Don't worry! No one else will ever see your information. Your privacy is super important to us. We keep track of your purchases, you don't need to do a thing!. No annoying cards to keep track of either. We do all of the work. Every time you shop at Della's, we'll apply your purchase to your rewards account. Once you spend $200, you'll get $10 in store credit!.Then it starts all over. There's no time limit to spend $200. Take as long as you'd like. Sign up today.


Della's has also added a referral program. Stop in, grab some referral slips and get started. Simply write your name on the slip and give it to friends, family, strangers, ANYONE that has not yet been to Della's.We'll give that person 10% off of their first purchase and we'll apply 10% of their purchase price to YOUR rewards account!
It's a great way to get your $10 in store credit a whole lot quicker

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In-style, in-season, clean and on hangers are our basics. Ask what season we are taking in.

Like weight, closet accumulation does not happen overnight. So don’t expect to clear it out in an hour. Probably three hours is a fair time allotment. A picky friend is also a good thing to have. Agree to do it for each other to make it fun and worthwhile. A nice glass of wine also helps in these circumstances.

1. Keep your “uniforms.” These are the items that you wear every day in some capacity. It might be a blouse and a jacket and a trouser. Put those in a stack on the bed. You already know that your uniform items fit, are flattering and not too much work. Remove everything from your closet including the dust bunny shoe and purse area.

2. Anything with the tags still on it and a year with no wear is probably not a keeper. These are impulse buys and often have no business in our wardrobes.

3. Have a stack for charity, a stack for consignment and a stack for repairs.

4. Work from the theory of abundance. We all have more in our closets than we can possibly wear. Let’s get these items back into circulation.

5. Practice the “in/out” rule. One item in, one item out.

6. If you’re not sure about an item, wear it once before you part with it. There is usually a reason why you didn’t wear it right away.

7. Leave your brand names, fabric and care tags in. You can cut out the size, but the future buyer would like to know how to take care of a garment as well as making sure there are no fabrics she is allergic to.

8. Be sure to include accessories such as costume jewelry, scarfs, purses, shoes.

Della’s seasons are dictated by the weather. We are more “in the season” than department stores which keeps us separated from traditional retailers. We think our customers are more “in the moment,” and appreciate us not jumping the season so much. When you shop in winter, we have winter items. When you shop in the summer, we have summer items. etc.