The God of the endless black sea

Blast off to Neptune the last planet in the solar system!

Neptune is the third biggest planet (after Saturn and Jupiter). It's diameter is 31,000 miles wide. Neptune's days are only 16 hours long! It has a very very long year 165 earth years! Neptune's temperature can get down to -326 and up to 890 degrees. It has 6 rings and 13 moons.

Oh No! There's no surface on Neptune!

It's all gasses but scientists believe there might be hotter than boiling liquids in the center.

Better land on one of 13 moons!

You might have your own little planet if you come to Neptune. Here're your choices of moons to stay on. 1.Naiad 2.Thalassa 3.Despina 4.Nereid 5.Galateu 6.Larissa 7.Proteus 8.Triton (Neptune's biggest moon) 9.Psamathe 10.Neso 11.Sao 12.Halimedo 13.Laomedeia

Wow thats cool!

Better bring a wind breaker, Neptune has the fastest winds in the intire solar system! It has many windstorms.
Space School Neptune