University of North Texas

1155 Union Cir, Denton, TX 76203

North Texas Forty Student Foundation

The North Texas Student Foundation is made up of 40 different student leaders. These students must be very dedicated to the school. They promote spirit and pride for UNT. This is important because it effects the image of the whole school including teachers and other adults that support UNT. The students demonstrate character and leadership on and off the campus and creates a great effect on the other students.

Really, Lets Talk

Another tradition at UNT provides open dialogue between the students and the president of the school. I can imagine this is very useful and effective. I'm still in high school and it would be helpful if i had a chanced to talk to my principal. The talks very from time time. The President talks about the football games as well as tuition and other academics. Each talk contains about 30 students.

Mean Green Connection Dinner

This traditions helps students and there families start there first year of college life. A dinner hosted by UNT with a buffet and guest speakers. Attending will not only give you knowledge about the school but will hand out free tickets to the sporting events. This is a great way to get everyone comfortable with transitioning to college life. The school will discuss different presentation topics including life on campus and on campus jobs.