Attached and Emotional Development

By: Kayla Foerster, Sam Diaz, and Sam Blodgett

Building Attachment Through Touch

  • Babies need to be held and cuddled
  • Touch helps build trust and affection
  • Touch is a primary sense
  • Touch is how babies experience and respond to the environment
  • It help the baby learn that the parent will be there for them

Building Attachment Through Consistent Care

  • Builds trust when care giver takes care of their needs
  • The world is a strange place for newborns
  • If the parents meets the baby's needs, it teaches them the world is a safe, comfortable place
  • Care givers must be consistent, if not baby will have a hard time trusting

Building Attachment Through Communication

  • It's very important
  • responds to face expressions and eye contact
  • responds to sounds, hugs, kisses, and later responds to crawling and walking

Failure to Thrive :[

Failure to Thrive: Condition in which babies do not grow or develop properly.

  • cries weaken
  • smiles fade
  • withdrawn
  • As an adult they will be unable to develop caring relationships
  • Children who live in poverty are most likely to thrive

Failure To Thrive - Parenting 2010