DIY projects

Fun diy projects for you and your friends


There are many fun art do it yourself projects that are simple and good to the wallet.

Using the internet

These projects will be simple with links to give you more of a hint on what needs to be done.

some of our projects

Gaurnteed to be fun and creative

DIY fun for all

Have fun doing hundreds of cool diy art projects.

The first project

Mugs on top

Fireflys in a gar night lantern

gliterize anything with mod podge glitter

mix mod podge with glitter and paint it on stuff.

use an old window shutter as a mail holder

turn inexpensive frames into chalkbords

paint the frames and then paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

turn a pillow, 2 belts, and some magazines into a stool

glue corks into a picture frame to make a bulleton board

put some lights into a jar

have fun doing diy projects