Vote Sam Houston for President

He is who we want to lead the Republic of Texas

He has been the leader of this great land before and he is ready to do it again.

Unlike his competitor Lamar he is cool headed and makes good decisions under pressure. He can make the fair and right decisions for our Republic of Texas like with Native Americans they were here when we got here so they are entitled for their share of land to live of off. Plus He wants to keeps the people safe and make tactical attacks on the enemy he wants to just attack with a angry rage. Last of all He is smart with the Republics money unlike his competitor Lamar so who do you want for president?

We can do this together

We need to make peace, get out of debt, and make sure everyone knows we are a independent republic

I have some great ideas to put us on the top.

More Information

This website gives good incite into Sam Houston's Life

Sam Houston: One of the Most Remarkable Figures in American History (1993)


Lay Me Down by SAM SMITH