I learned...

  • Motion of the water.
  • Ocean currents are made by tides, winds, and change in water density.
  • There are Tidal Currents that have a very regular pattern and can be predicted for future dates.
  • Currents aren't only in the ocean.
  • They are in steams, creeks, rivers and even in the flowing water on the streets.


Do currents start Hurricanes?
Can all currents be predicted or is it only the Tidal Currents?
How many type of currents are there?

^ answers

Hurricanes start because of different water temperatures that mix and cause the water to spin.
All currents can be predicted but the Tidal currents can be predicted the best.
There are 3 main currents and smaller ones in the 3.

Affecting our daily lives

Current measuring are needed for the shipping and trading over seas, safety, commercial fishing and boating. The currents spread the temperature of the water to the land near so it is important for the land near and around the water. People can predict the currents with machine and tell if a missing person or missing object was or can be carried by them.