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July 2018

Pillar 1: Leadership

BLAST! 2018

From July 18 to July 21, leaders from all over the state of Georgia gathered at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center to learn more about leadership. Through their time together, campers formed friendships that are sure to last a lifetime and grew as leaders. A'Ric Jackson and Harry Jones, from Generation Leadership, guided our GASC leaders through this journey. Here are a few highlights from BLAST 2018:

the campers

Everyone at BLAST had an incredible experience and learned so much. They are all sure to bring their new knowledge back to their communities in hopes of creating a positive change.
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BLAST! Honor Council

At BLAST, campers were grouped into three separate families (the Green Goats, the Red Poison Dart Frogs, and the Blue Macaws). Each family voted two of their own who they believed embodied the true spirit of leadership to be on the BLAST Honor Council. The 6 members of the 2018 BLAST Honor Council are:

Sam Tupper, Mountain View High School

Charlie McCollough, Camden County High School

Jeremiah de Sesto, Houston County High School
Jerry Cordova, Meadowcreek High School

Jearrod Johnson, Grayson High School

Riley McNeill, Grayson High School


A Few Words from the Campers

"BLAST was honestly a life-changing experience. Coming back as a 2nd year, I thought there was nothing left for me to do, but I was soon proven wrong. I realized that every group of individuals has different things to bring to the table and I'm so grateful for everyone who came and impacted my life for the better."

-Shayla Nguyen, Mountain View High School

"BLAST was a truly eye-opening experience. Not only did it change my perspective on leadership, but the program also brought me out of my shell and allowed me to create new connections with great people."
-Luke Morgan, Newnan High School

"BLAST is a life-changing camp that transforms your idea of leadership and teaches you the value of self love. No matter what expectations you have going in, BLAST will surpass all of them!"

-Reagan Stephenson, Grayson High School

"My first year of BLAST helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. After a year of focused growth and evaluation, I came back for my second year as a new and improved leader. This year, I had a different perspective and was given the opportunity to not only transform myself but also influence others, and for that, I cannot help but to be thankful."
-Maggie Walker, Lambert High School

"BLAST was easily the most incredible leadership experience I've ever had. It helped me break myself down to the most basic level to help me evaluate not only my own personality and methods of leadership but also those qualities pertaining to my peers. If you're an underclassman member of your council, I would absolutely encourage you to experience what the camp has to offer."

-Sam Tupper, Mountain View High School

"The opportunity of attending BLAST was one that I can never forget! Being surrounded by like-minded student leaders who have a call to action of "inspiring others to inspire others," is an experience that truly changes a person. Their initiative of not only making their community a better place but more so theirselves, is nothing short of inspiring."

-Jeremiah de Sesto, Houston County High School

"BLAST was an incredible leadership camp and a great opportunity! I met incredible friends that will last a lifetime and learned new leadership techniques that have improved the way I communicate with others. BLAST had counselors that believed we could change the world and they gave us the tools to follow our dreams. I cannot wait for next year!"

-Charlie McCollough, Camden County High School

"BLAST was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun meeting new people and growing as leaders with them. I can confidently say that BLAST was a life-changing experience thanks to my BLAST family and I would 18381737/10 recommend!!"

-Jazmin Garcia, Grayson High School

"Going into BLAST, I did not realize the life-changing impact it would have on me. The entire weekend, I was surrounded by people who pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn more about myself than I ever thought I would. The campers and counselors were both amazing and I can confidently say, as a result, I have made some life-long friends."

-Virali Patel, Houston County High School

Summer Meeting 2018

The GASC Executive Board held their annual summer meeting from July 21 to July 22. The Board was hard at work planning many exciting events for the upcoming year! Be sure to keep an eye out for more information!
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Pillar 2: Service

Bert's Big Adventure

We are continuing our partnership with Bert's Big Adventure for our state service project. Bert's Big Adventure is a nonprofit organization that provides a magical, all-expenses-paid, five-day journey to Walt Disney World for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. For more information, watch the video below!

Ways to Contribute

  • Fundraise as creatively as possible! (We will be awarding the Most Creative and Highest Amount awards again)
  • Create Autograph Books
  • Spread the Word to your Community
  • Keep an eye out for more ways to contribute to Bert's Big Adventure!

Pillar 3: Membership

Join GASC!

There is so much to gain by being a GASC member! Your council can take part in events like Leadership Summit and GASC Convention. Join our organization and pay your dues today! Remember: You can also encourage other schools in your area to take part in this incredible organization by Hugging a School. Visit for more information.
What is GASC? Why should you join? What does it do for me? Let our President and Vice President Schools answer all of your questions.
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Pillar 4: Connections

The Consulus

We are so excited to announce a brand new initiative called The Consulus! Our Middle School Member at Large, North Gwinnett Middle School, has been hard at work developing a new platform that is specially made for Middle School Members and their advisors. Middle school members now will be better able to connect, grow, and enrich their chapters!
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Pillar 5: Democratic Principles

2018-2019 District Representatives!

District Representatives represent each of GASC's five districts where our member schools reside. They are responsible for coordinating District Rallies.

The 2018-2019 District Representatives are listed below:

District 1 (Alpharetta High School): Sophia Abedi and Natasha Havanur

District 2 (Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology): Sandra Perez and Jonas Baker

District 3 (Episcopal Day School): Carter Ward and Matthew Lyon

District 4 (Wayne County High School): Chloe Johnson and Griffin Boykin

District 5 (Houston County High School): Maddie Key and Love Lee

Pillar 6: Advisor Development

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The Advisor Advocate

GASC is excited to introduce our new newsletter: The Advisor Advocate! Our Middle School and High School Advisor Liaisons have been hard at work developing a new platform that will help Advisors all over the state to grow, nurture, and achieve more goals than ever before! Each month, the Advisor Advocate will include an ice breaker, a lesson, and important information for advisors. Check out the first edition by clicking the button below:

Advisor of the Month

Mrs. McCall Grosso

North Gwinnett High School

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This month's GASC Advisor of the month is Mrs. McCall Grosso from North Gwinnett High School. Mrs. Grosso is a graduate of the University of Georgia and currently teaches sophomore language arts at North Gwinnett High School. Along with starting her 11th year as a Student Council Advisor, she is also involved with the school's cheer team and is active in Relay for Life. When she isn't spending all of her time with North Gwinnett, her beautiful family keeps her busy- particularly her two adorable sons, Rocco and Wilder Grosso! Mrs. Grosso is a constant source of encouragement and support to all of her students, both in her classroom and in Student Council. Students at North Gwinnett say that she can always be seen with a smile on her face, and she is always willing to sit down and truly listen to you. "No matter how stressed we are, or how frustrated we may be, we, as her students, know that we can always count on her to be an uplifting presence, and she is always ready to help us with whatever we need, regardless of how difficult a situation may be, or how impossible something may seem," Khushi Mehta states. Mrs.Grosso has not only been a monumental force in North Gwinnett High School's Student Council, but she has also had a tremendous impact in GASC. Three years ago, she helped deliver to GASC an amazing Convention as advisor for President school. Her never-ending enthusiasm in everything she does and her limitless passion for her work as both an educator and advisor in Student Council is unparalleled, and North Gwinnett High School is lucky to have a teacher and an advisor as empowering and inspiring as Mrs. McCall Grosso.

Advisor of the Month Nominations

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Save the Dates!

When you become a GASC Member, you can take part in these incredible leadership development activities!


September through November: District Rallies will be held

October 19-21: SASC in Summerville, SC

November 5: Leadership Summit at the Georgia State Capitol

November 30-December 2: National Conference on Student Activities in Atlanta, GA


February 22-24: GASC 2019 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, GA

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