Kingdoms of Africa

By: Rachel Cage

The kingdom of Ghana

Location: The kingdom of Ghana is located In the upper part of the Niger river valley. Its between the Sahara and the tropical forests right beside the western coast. The modern Ghana is located around a region in the south.

Government: The government was ruled by strong kings who did not have any laws. They occasionally relied on the army to protect the kingdom.

Economy: The economy was based on trading. They had a lot of gold. The blacksmiths would make things out of the gold and would trade it. Ghana's gold made it in the center of a trade empire.

Collapse: The kingdom became weak from all the wars and collapsed during the 1100s.

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The kingdom of Mali

Location: It is located on the Atlantic coast, but it goes all the way in a city called Timbuktu.

Government: They rulers were kings and the government was very strong.

Economy: Mali was very wealthy and had lots of power over the gold and salt. They traded these items.

Collapse: The very powerful king Mansa Musa was the last powerful ruler of the kingdom Mali. Around 1359, civil war soon divided Mali.

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The kingdom of Songhai

Location: This kingdom was located by the Niger river, south of the bend.

Government: That had a king name Kossi. they established the dia dynasty. This was the first Songhai state ever.

Economy: They were a trading empire that traded mostly salt and gold.

Collapse: There was a reign of Muhammad Ture later on. Well this made Songhai decline by a lot. By the sixteenth century, the forces of sultan of Morocco occupied much of Songhai.

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