August 2012 NEWS

Inspiring, Stunning, Significant, Beautiful, Powerful and Confident

We are the Whootie Whoots and one heck of an amazing team!!! I am so incredibly proud of our accomplishments!

Oh my goodness, we are a force to be reckoned with! Have you heard the news?

#7 Nationwide....yup, that is us :)

Team sales TOPPLED over previous months! We closed August with $120,026.02 in total sales! WOWZERS!

Top Producers for June


Top Individual Sales:

  1. Annette Caudill $5,945.50
  2. Tiffany Pellerin $4,071.36
  3. Kerri Kelley $3,752.70
  4. Ruth Thoms $2,869.90
  5. Tatiana and Debra Saucedo $2,634.24
  6. Rochelle Britton $2,582.96
  7. Julie Lobos $2,520.40
  8. Lise Sulser $2,159.30
  9. Ashley Bentley $2,034.90
  10. Tammy Tamayo $1,822.45

Top Team Sales:

  1. Melissa Ghane $75,875.70
  2. Tammy Tamayo $7,594.76
  3. Kelly Kucera $6,426.91
  4. Kristina Marthaler $6,345.12
  5. Hilary Wood $4062.98
  6. Bobbie Balik $3,977.45
  7. Jennifer Gordon $3544.69
  8. Monica Dalton $2870.45
  9. Lesli Shinn $1831.46
  10. Jill Heimpel $1198.52

*Top individual sales are based upon all levels/generations within my team

*Top Team sales include only Rochelle's front level group sales volumes

For your information....

  • HOOOT HOOOOT! Designers receive a 5% discount on all purchases made at the Apple Store :) Awesome!!!

  • Do you know how to locate your team lineage? If you have opted into the pro version in back office, here are the steps to learning about who is who within your team structure. Once in back office, go to the Organization tab. On the left select Designers. This will bring up another box under Designers, titled TEAM GROUPS. At the bottom of this box find Manage Groups and click it. Now make sure the box next to Up Line is checked. Now you can select Up Line and view who is above your mentor.

  • Have you registered for the yet? Please join us, friend me so I can add you to our team page...Whootie Whoots

  • The 50 SKU limitation has been FIXED!!!! Whoot, hands in the air for IT! Thank you for fixing this for us!

  • If using hoot loot on an order, please double check your volume on the order and in back office before processing, especially at month end. Hoot loot does not reduce the cost on one or two items, it reduces each individual item. This could result in an unexpected difference in personal volume. If you have any questions on this, please get with your mentor for more information.

  • Reminder...Origami Owl's server is based upon Eastern time. Month end cutoff is at midnight Eastern.

NEW team members!!

In the last 30 days, we have added 136 designer to the team, bringing the team to 332 STRONG at month end!

I want to give you all a warm welcome! We are so happy you joined us!

Please give a warm welcome to:

Alison Neeley

Allison Burch

Amy Veltri

Angie Stricklin

Ann Cluck

Ann Vicchy

Annie Harris

Antoinette Hill

April Shurtleff

Ashlyn Salafia

Barbara Gewalt

Beth Knoll

Beverly Muchow

Brandy Brown

Brenda Levitt

Brenda White

Brittani Hoffman

Brittany Unga

Brooke Linder

Candi Thorpe

Candy Carrillo

Caramae Steinwand

Caroline O'Neill

Cheryl Fain

Chris Gable

Christ Ross

Christi Lang

Christian Jesse

Christie Cowan

Cinday Estacio

Cindy Vinson

Crystal Cross

Crystal Marlow

Danielle Buskohl

Danielle Griffiths

Darlene Santso

Debra Bush

Denise Patterson

Denise Zak

Dennis Bell

Dennis Davis

Diana Stoffel

Dianne Goodson

Dianne King

Dolores Metzler

Dustine Jerde

Eileen Morin

Emilie Royer

Emilie Ruich

Emily Thompson

Erica Jimenez

Gina Spina

Hannah Jenkins

Isabel martinez

Jackie Danner

Jacqueline Woodruff

Jamie Tucker

Jasmine Hunter

Jeannette Sump

Jen Goodrich

Jenell Bertussi

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Laughlin

Jennifer Mattock

Jennifer Munoz

Jenny Reynoso

Jessica Hernandez

Jesslyn Garvey

Jody Hodges

Karen Pytel

Kati Tucker

Kim Howard

Kim VanSwol

Kourtney Deasey

Kourney Fehr

Kristi Corchran

Krysten Peterson

Kylie Reeves

Laura Gowen

Laura Smith

Laura Wisniewski

Lauren Dutton

Lauren McBride

Laurie Zakrewski

Leslie Peltier

Lexie Ulfers

Linda Washer

Lindsey Lanasa

Lori Edwards

Lori Wakefield

Lorri Moffatt

Maddie Stone

Madeleine McBride

Malinda Mitchell

Margie Meyer

Margie Saunders

MaryAnn Stoner-Tenold

Megan Ryder

Meghan Eagan

Meghan Mendoza

Melissa Fitzloff

Melissa Ring

Michele Schulz

Mindi Moon

Misty Julian

Monica Stephens

Nikisha Velasco

Patti Merendo

Rachel Martinez

Renee Zambuto

Sandy Idle

Sarah Hembree

Sharon Larremore

Sherri Smith

Sherry Illies

Sheryll Rallos

Stacie Woodward

Starr Uribe

Stephine Williams

Susan Failvae

Tani Ayotte

Teresa Couch

Theresa Woolworth

Therese Sonsalla

Tina Graham

Tina Vizcardo

Tony Cronkhite

Tracey Tomaszewski

Tracy Flores

Tracy Hamilton

Victoria Ferrusca

Victoria Gonzalez

Wendy Braun

Wendy Costello

Xochitl Neri

(My apologies for any typos)

Fall Into LoVe with OO~Nest event

Friday, Sep. 28th 2012 at 5-9pm

Origami Owl Chandler, Arizona

"Fall in LoVe with OO"

Who will be attending our Fall event? Friday night includes a tour of the nest, reception and Fall Product Preview!! It's going to be a blast! Registration begins at 5pm.

Saturday 9am-5pm includes Corporate Updates and Essential Training Sessions for Your Business.

If you have not already rsvp'd, space was limited to 300 designers. Please request to be added to the wait list. If you received your confirmation, I cannot wait for us all to meet!!!

To book hotel reservations with the Phoenix/Chandler Hilton, call


You can also book your reservations online by visiting

Discounted room rates are available until September 15 or until the group block is sold-out at $99.00 a night.

Congratulations everyone

Rochelle, your Team Leader :)