April 20th

On April 20th 1999 two seemingly normal boys Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went and did the unthinkable, they shot up Columbine high school. That day the shooters killed 13 people and injured many more, the boys then killed themselves. April 20th will always be remembered at columbine high school.

Lessons learned

Luckily this massacre opened many Americans eyes and schools are now a much safer places to be. Today schools have lock downs and do practice runs of them they also have heavy duty locked doors and thick bullet proof glass. This has helped prevent and reduce damage. Also this event was a eye opener when it came to gun control laws and taught people to do better back ground checks on people and making sure gun retailers sold to only to people who had permits.

Eric and Dylan

What could make two perfectly normal young men do this. Well research shows that Eric was a psychopath and Dylan had depression and suicidal tendinces. But they were both able to hide it very well, also bullying at school put a lot of pressure on the two and eventually they just broke. The two boys and their psychopathic ideas put together resulted in the deadly shooting.


This attack was planned for months before hand both boys new exactly what to do and when to do it. On April 20th the boys arrived at the school at 11 AM and planted two propane bombs in the cafeteria thankfully these bombs did not go off. when the bombs failed to detonate the boys went into the school and opened fire. They made their way through the school killing 13 people after an hour the boys went into the library and killed themselves.