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October 21, 2022

Greetings PK Families,

Many of you have reached out looking for support with establishing strong bedtime routines. Below are some tips from our partners at the Gesell Institute of Child Development!


  • Take care of you first! This allows you to be the best version of yourself!
  • Make sure your child has an active day! (Fresh air and exercise DURING the day)
  • Teach self-regulation skills: practice self-soothing, identification of feelings, how to calm down, cooperation, etc.
  • Use feeling words
  • Make bedtime predictable and consistent


  • Be consistent every single day!
  • Short & Sweet 30 minutes
  • Adapt to your child's needs
  • Good sleep hygiene: dark, cool, quiet (in room and out)


  • Start too late when already overly sleepy
  • Use screens
  • Run around/get excited right before bed
  • Feed sugar or caffeine
  • Read scary stories
  • Abandon routines on weekends

URGENT REMINDER and a thank you!

  • SELC is a VERY busy place with lots of moving parts. That said, I can't thank you enough for being mindful of the start and end times of your child's program.

Classroom Hours/Drop off & Pick up times:

Head Start Rooms: DeHorta, Farney, Lampro, Smith

Classroom hours: 8:30-3:30

Drop off: 8:25-8:30

Pick up: 3:25-3:30

Head Start Extended Day Program: Guile

Classroom hours: 8:00-4:00

Drop off: 8:00-8:30

Pick up: 3:30-4:00

Head Start Part Day Program: Prentiss

Classroom hours: 8:00-11:30

Drop off:7:55-8:00

Pick up: 11:25-11:30

Integrated Pre-K AM session: Curley, Horn, Towers, Wood

Classroom hours: 8:20-10:55

Drop off: 8:15-8:20

Pick up: 10:50-10:55

Integrated Pre-K PM session: Curley, Horn, Prentiss, Towers, Wood

Classroom hours: 12:15-2:46

Drop off: 12:10-12:15

Pick up: 2:40-2:46

PK STEAM ACADEMY: Cianci, Domin, Feenstra, Malone

Classroom hours: 8:20-2:46

Drop off: 8:15-8:25

Pick up: 2:30-2:46


Having a little one who is home sick can be difficult with work, school, and daily life routines. Below are the Health Room Practices for Enfield Public Schools. Thank you for your commitment to health and wellness at SELC.

1. Students are always sent home under the following conditions:

· Temperature greater than 100 degrees

· Active vomiting or diarrhea

· Chicken pox, strep throat, scarlet fever, active lice, impetigo, scabies, ringworm,

conjunctivitis and undiagnosed body rashes

2. Students must be without fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school

3. Students with contagious diseases must meet the following criteria before readmission to school

· Conjunctivitis- student must be on medication for 24 hours and show proof of


· Chicken Pox- out of school until pox are scabbed over

· Lice- students need to show proof of treatment

· Impetigo- lesion must be dry

· Ringworm- over-the-counter treatment may be used and area must be covered

· Scabies- may return with proof of and after 8 hours of treatment

· Strep throat/Scarlet fever- on medication for a minimum of 24 hours

Menu Week of 10/24

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Elmo's Toothy Dance


Sesame Street: Elmo Shows Emotions with Zoe, Bert and Big Bird

Executive Function Strategy: Freeze Game


Freeze game is a teacher-led movement activity. This game provides children the opportunity to practice self-regulation. The freeze game requires that the children pay attention and plan ahead in the midst of distractions.

How we do it…

The teacher turns on the music and holds up a picture card while the music is playing. The children are encouraged to dance. The teacher reminds the children to look at the card while they are dancing so they will know how to freeze when the music stops. The teacher shuts off the music the children stop dancing and freeze in the position that is on the card.

What are children learning?

  • Self regulation skills by starting and stopping

  • How to follow directions

  • Getting exercise

This activity focuses on the following Executive Function skills:

  • Inhibitory control of actions and attention by freezing when the music stops and dancing when the music is playing

  • Working Memory by freezing like the position card and remembering the rules of the game

  • Cognitive Flexibility by being okay with their pose not looking exactly like the pose on the card or their friend’s pose

A MESSAGE FROM NURSE JEN! Due to Winter BREAK, documentation of vaccination MUST be in by 12-23-22!

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Important Product Safety Recall Information as of 10-21

Getting to Know Stowe! (I will keep this posted for a few weeks so you have it at your fingertips!)

Joining a new school community can sometimes feel like learning a new language as you acclimate to the procedures, environment, people, and lingo. See below to begin learning about all things Stowe:

  • SELC=Stowe Early Learning Center
  • SELC=our mascot (the eaglet featured above)
  • FEO=Family Educator Organization
  • ECDC=Enfield Child Development Center
  • EPS=Enfield Public Schools
  • FRC=Family Resource Center
  • IPS=Integrated Pre-K
  • HS=Head Start
  • KITE=Key Initiatives to Early Education
  • PKS=PK STEAM Academy
  • Eaglets=all children taking part in any program at SELC


  • Main Office=860-253-4741
  • Head Start Family Support=860-253-4717
  • Nurse=860-763-8858
  • FRC=860-253-6580
  • KITE=860-253-6502

Our building is quite unique in that we house 4 PK programs, a Family Resource Center, and KITE.