Mrs. Anderson's 4th Grade News

Fabulous Things in February!

Science in Motion!

Our class has been working on a Motion & Design unit for the last few weeks. Kids have been learning about building vehicles and how they move using different kinds of energy. Last week, groups were testing their vehicles using rubber band energy and comparing its speed when the rubber band was wrapped differently around their vehicle. This week, groups started looking at friction and how it changed the speed of vehicles.

Persuasive Essays: My Favorite Season

We've been reading stories like " Hey Little Ant", "Why the Crayons Quit" and "I Wanna Go Home" to learn about persuasive writing. After reading, we spent time discussing the main idea and the details from the story to determine what the author was trying to persuade us to believe. Now our class is working on writing their own persuasive essays called "My Favorite Season." Students are using their experiences and knowledge to persuade a reader to believe that summer, fall, winter or spring truly is their favorite season!

Valentine's Day Party

Our class will be having their annual Valentine's Day party in the afternoon on Friday, February 12th. At our party we will be passing out valentines, enjoying refreshments and snacks and playing board games. If your son or daughter would like to bring valentines there was a class list sent home on Thursday to look at when writing valentines. Please remember it is not required that they bring valentines, but it is encouraged. Also please check the party list for your son or daughter's name to see if it is their turn to bring a snack or refreshment on Friday.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences are quickly approaching! In the spring we are doing conferences a little differently with Thursday night and Friday morning conferences. Since this is different from the fall conference schedule, I would like your family's input. Please complete the form in this newsletter to help me accommodate your family the best I possibly can.

Parent Teacher Conference Form