Who Discovered America?

By: Cinda Goldsby

Who REALLY Discovered America?

Who really discovered America? Many people believe it was Christopher Columbus, but I can clear that up for them. I do not believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America, because the Native Americans were here first. The Native Americans, also known as the First Americans, walked over Beringia, the land bridge that used to connect Asia and America, about 8,500 years before any of the Europeans sailed to America by boat. Also, in every story told by the Europeans, the Native Americans were already here. The explorer in the stories would meet, capture, mate, or live with the Native Americans. The Native Americans were truly the first people in America.

Its clear that neither Columbus, Bjarni, nor Hoei-Shin discovered America. Its clear because Columbus came to America and murdered the Natives and said he was there first when clearly, since the Native Americans were already there, he was not the discoverer of America. Bjarni and Leif Ericsson did not discover America because, yet again, the FIRST AMERICANS were already here. Again, Hoei-Shin did not discover America, just visited. The FIRST AMERICANS should get credit for coming to America first because the aren't called the First Americans for being the second Americans. I think people don't want to accept that someone colored or not Christian not white discovered the land they live in now. Even so, Native Americans have lived here the longest because they were here first, and they are still here, which I think no one wants to acknowledge. In conclusion, the FIRST Americans were the very first Americans.

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