4-Doyle Math Newsletter

September 26, 2015

Math in Focus: Chapter 1

Dear 4-D Math Parents/Guardians:

It was a pleasure meeting many of you at Lynnewood's Back-to-School night! I look forward to working with your child to instill a genuine appreciation and a firm grasp of fourth grade math concepts. I've enjoyed getting to know your children these past three weeks and please know that I am available to meet with your child during recess to reinforce concepts as needed.


Mrs. Winnie Doyle



Chapter 1: Place Value of Whole Numbers

  • Our Chapter One assessment will be given on Thursday, October 1st.
  • Chapter Wrap-Up Test Review will be completed in class and taken home for review.
  • Visit my website/math page for view a Supplemental to Chapter Wrap-Up Review: http://www.haverford.k12.pa.us/Page/9373
Click for Math in Focus Resources

Think Central is the Math in Focus Resources website. Please utilize the same username and password from third grade.

Math Conference Reminder: SignUpGenius

If you have not done so already, you may register for your child's math conference. Create

an account, click "Find a Sign-Up" and search for: doyle@havsd.net


Helpful Directions: Available on my website


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Math in Focus: Chapter 2

Estimation and Number Theory

Look for your child to bring home Chapter 2, School-to-Home Connection Letter on Thursday or Friday of this week.

In this chapter, the students will be working heavily with the multiplication math facts.

Being fluent with these facts, enables your child to focus on the new learning concepts.

Please provide time daily for your child to master multiplication facts.

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Click for Reflex Math Website

Mastery of multiplication facts is essential for your child's success in math. Please make time for your child to practice this foundational skill daily for 15 minutes. Click the "Reflex Math" bar to be directed to the site.