My Pregnancy Fitness Journey Update

A week of motivation and progress....

Early Mornings, Motivations and New Experiences!

When I left you last week, I talked about finding the motivation and the time to get my workouts done. I attempted to squeeze the workout's into my early morning before work, kids and school monopolized my time. I devised a plan of early morning alarm clocks, planned motivation (rewards for success) and new experiences to keep me engaged and accountable!!

Monday & Wednesday: Advanced Pregnancy Strength Workout

The first thing that I loved about this workout was the fact that she began by reminding us of the level we should be at being pregnant, a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 and she also reminded me of the talk test, which I found really helpful for keeping myself in check.

Having the video to follow along with was really helpful for my form (click here to read more on why form is so important), and the repetition of the moves also helped me to spend the first set correcting my form, and then the second set to give it my all!!

I also loved that all that was needed was one set of dumbells, a chair and a water bottle! I could even attempt this workout at the camper on may long weekend!

Advanced Pregnancy Workout: 30-Minute Full Body Pregnancy Strength | Safe for ALL Trimesters

Tuesday: Pregnancy Friendly Low Impact Workout

What I loved:

*15 minutes...yes, please

*Low impact and no jumping was easy on my bladder

*No equipment needed!

*Quick and effective: My heart rate skyrocketed so fast!

Facts about pregnancy heart rate

15-Minute LOW IMPACT HIIT Cardio Workout | No Jumping Workout + Pregnancy Workout/Prenatal Workout

Pregnancy Yoga

What I loved:

*Really helped my to stretch out the sore muscles in the morning

*I felt the benefits of this workout all day!

*I found my hips were much less sore at the end of the day after being on my feet all-day

To read more about the benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy click here

Pregnancy Yoga Morning Stretch | Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms

Who Am I?

I am a mother of 2 daughters, age 11 and 13. I am expecting baby #3 this September. I am determined to have a healthy and fit pregnancy this time around, even amidst a full time job and full time school!