Tech News 11/16-11/20


  • Teachers and administrators, still holding on to your older iPad? Remember there is a new iPad 2 Air in the tech office waiting for you! Better camera! More storage! Remember you have to perform an iCloud back up before dropping it off with Kevin and Ange. All older devices from Roosevelt are sent to be used at the elementary schools, so those teachers and students thank you!

  • Clarity around student iPad cases: the language of the iPad guidelines sent home at the beginning of the year says that "students should not remove the supplied cover for the iPad." If a student would like a different case, the tech department needs to approve the case, physically transfer the device to the new case, label the new case with the student name and asset tag, and collect the original, school-supplied case.

  • If you find an iPad in your classroom, assume it is lost and please send it to the main office immediately. If you are unable, please call the main office and they will contact a member of the tech department to come pick it up.

  • If you have a laptop: please note there is a difference between UPGRADING the OSX and UPDATING software (Safari, Garageband, etc). If you have UPGRADED to OSX El Capitan, and Gradebook does not launch when you try to use it, you will need to reinstall Gradebook.
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Wow! Did you know this was happening?

  • Connie Rogers and Ann Berens are collaborating with 5th grade social studies and 8th grade reading to co-teach lessons in the LLC. If you don't already, consider using this phenomenal resource to help teach research and information fluency to your students when your curriculum calls for it. They love to be involved!

  • Lindsay is videotaping Theresa Sanders who was nominated for a prestigious math award. If ever you are applying for an award and need a letter of recommendation or are writing a grant proposal and need help crafting an idea or reviewing a draft, I am happy to help! Great upcoming opportunities include Generation Study Abroad grant for $1K due December 1st, and Fund for Teachers for $5K-$10K to travel and study what you deem important, due in January 28th.
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In The News: The Catherine Cook School

This week we spotlight a local school doing amazing work! The Catherine Cook School in Chicago was featured in the Chicago Tribune article, Chicago private schools lead 'high-tech, high-touch' movement. With an Idea Lab filled with equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, and shop tools, teachers at Catherine Cook focus on building project based curriculum that centers on design and computational thinking. District 90 is always open to teachers observing amazing local educators, so if you'd like to plan a visit to any of the schools mentioned in the article, let me know and we can go together and brainstorm how these inspirational ideas may transfer to your classroom!

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If you've read this far down, thank you so much for your time! I hope these weekly newsletters prove helpful and inspirational. Also, if you didn't catch my blue curls last week, your tech specialist is pregnant and expecting a boy in the spring!