February Reminders

Proverbs 8:11a Wisdom is better than jewels...

To my Exuisite Jewels

Greater South Baldwin and Mobile County Directors, have you???...

- sent me your renewal questions or application

- posted IM's on the CC calendar and shutterfly

-given IM attendees somewhere to go when they leave your meeting (like an OH)

sent me your IM sign in sheets (working on a google doc where you will post this info)

-told your parents practicum dates (Foley - May17,18,19 / Mobile - June 6,7,8th)

-given your progress reports out (Challenge Specific)

contracted tutors (F/E Specific)

scheduled end of the year testing

submitted admin fees or renewal fees to me

renewed your facility contract if not already finalized


Team Meeting

Thursday, March 3rd, 8pm

This is an online event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

February 23rd Home School Through High School Event Rescheduled....

Thursday March 17th is the New date

Let your families know that the Homeschooling through High school with Classical Conversations and CC book rep has been rescheduled to March 17th, time will be announced but the location is still Grace fellowship Baptist church. Please extend this invite to moms of all age kids. We really need our families of young children to get the vision of CC and Homeschooling through High School. Here are a few bullet points we will touch on:

  • the difference between modern and classical education
  • what makes an education classical
  • the roots and reason behind public education
  • how CC+ our duel enrollment program works
  • how will credits be transferred
  • Pros/Cons of doing a dual enrollment program

  • what are the requirements

  • how much will I save and what is the cost

So many more questions will be answered. Does that give you a taste of the awesomeness to come?

I would really love for this event and our practicum to be advertised at a Mops group. Will any of you get in touch with a local MOPS group and do an info meeting for one or more of the groups? Let me know and please keep tract of the contacts.


I would love to see every family at practicum this year. Remind tutors that they MUST stay at practicum all day for it to count as there training.

What kind of camps would you like to see at practicum? I need your help picking them. Here are some options to think about:

  • IEW writing camp
  • Lost tools of writing
  • Science camp
  • History Camp ( this one is new)

Talk to families now about putting their kids in camps... it is important they understand that kids camp pays for the practicum. If they don't want to put their kids in camps do they know someone who is willing to be a sponsor for the Practicum, maybe their hubby owns a business and could give a $25 donation.

Although all CC Directors will help at the practicum in some way, there are some specific roles that are needed earlier. Please be thinking about how you can serve this year, I need a Practicum Hostess (I will work closely with this person) she will be trained with 2 online webinars and by conversation with me, but she will have NO paperwork this year because CC has moved that to someone else, woohoo! The role of hostess has been described as "boots on the ground" which means you will be go, go, going! I can give more details if you are interested. A Facility Coordinator is also needed, this person is our church liaison, she lets the church know if we need anything, informs them of changes, puts together a clean-up crew, checking the building before we leave each day, etc..

Maybe one of these positions sound like a great fit to you... let me know. I will let you all know the role you will each serve at closer to April.

There is more to come but for now.... I love you each and remember to keep praying for one another.

Oh The Deep, Deep Love - Sovereign Grace