Poe's Biographical Flyer:

"The Tell-Tale Heart" by Rachel Karll

Addiction and Obession

Edgar Alan Poe had an addiction to drinking which made him an alcoholic. The main character struggled with anxiety. Both of these made it hard to do everyday life stuff and changed their ways of thinking.


Edgar Allan Poe and the main character both shared a weird bond and had twisted, crazy thoughts and ideas. They had a very different way of thinking of everything.
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Like Edgar Allan Poe's obsession with alcohol, the main character was obsessed with the old pale man's eyes.
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Edgar Allan Poe and the main character are both very twisted. They both suffer in ways that make them think different, and well, twisted. Both of them have no control over their emotions or their thoughts.
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Because Edgar Allan Poe lost control over his thoughts and emotions, his stories had turned into more Gothic stories that give off a dark feeling. The main character is just like this.
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Personal Experience

I have a theory that Edgar Allan Poe may have had some personal experiences that can relate him to the main character, and he tells them through his stories. So basically, Edgar Allan Poe and the main character have gone through the same things in their personal life and have similar personal experiences.
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