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Issue #18 / April 7, 2014

Hello Jets!

This week's Instructional News is dedicated to our upcoming "Pilot Passion Project." If you check out the resources below, you should be able to get better sense of both the Why and How of the day.

Freedom to learn and create as we choose is a blessing we have been given through the shared leadership philosophy at JC, but sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, that is where I can be of service! If you need a partner for brainstorming, finding collaborators, prepping your "pitch," or anything at all please come by or call.

Have a great week!


Passion Projects / Genius Hour--- What exactly is that?

Did You Know...

The word genius is derived from the roots of the words creative and productive. During our first JC Pilot Passions Day, we hope you will brainstorm, explore, research, create, produce, and share your ideas and passions with others on your selected team as well as with the faculty as a whole.
What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom

DRIVE: What Motivates Us

Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose-- three things that DRIVE us to be better today than we were yesterday.
RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Brainstorming / Inspiration

So, If you're unsure about where to begin...

From what we can find, there are only a few other places where this has been done for professional development. Some ideas that might spark our imaginations are below:

  • differentiation methods for higher level students
  • using social media effectively in the classroom
  • using blogs (teachers or students)
  • making the transition from middle school to high school easier for students
  • sharing the great things in our school (PR)

The spreadsheet linked below shows what happened when a high school implemented a Genius Hour in the first semester of this year. I think this one is a MUST SEE! It should help get the creative juices flowing!


What Educators are TWEETING about around James Clemens, Madison City, and Alabama

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JCHS Faculty Sharing

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Madison City Schools Sharing & Networking

What are educators talking about in Alabama?

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In-Flight Movie

This Week's Theme: Pep Talk

A little Pep Talk from Kid President should get you going on your Passion Project! Enjoy!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You


Alyson Carpenter, Instructional Partner

James Clemens High School

Madison City Schools

Madison, AL

Go JETS! ✈️

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