Locked Doors

Christopher Almodovar-Jr

Playing video games

One day I was with my family, over at my cousins house. We were all laughing,

Eating, cracking jokes, and playing video games. While I was playing the video game, my cousins left out of the room, and when they left out of the room they shut the door.

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They left out!

Locked inside

. They told me they were leaving, to go to the store and I “said” okay I am coming. But they did not hear me, they had already gone out the door.

When I went to open the room door it wouldn’t door. I struggled to get the door open, but it would not open. While I sat there scared and wondering where they went and how long would it take them to come back, the light bulb went out.
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They came Back!!

Now, I was really scared crying and panicking I can’t see any because they have no window inside the room. It’s been almost two whole hours that I have waited and there not back yet.

I heard something in the living room. It’s my cousins I could not believe it they came and opened the door. As soon as they did I felt a sigh of relief. My cousins asked me why didn’t I say something. Then I said “I did!”