Ocean mapper

Garrett Harvey and Ngun Tha

Ocean mappers

Ocean mappers is a job not pursued my many people. To do this job you would need to love your job because it only pays $51k a year. The job is unknown by many and not really thought about to much. Ocean mappers are out at sea for a long time for weeks on weeks. They use 3 major equipment plus a ship. The most important is sonar then they need gis and they also use submersibles to get photos of the sea floor.


Sonar sends sound waves down to the sea floor and the time that it takes for them to come back to the boat calculates how desperate it is


These are the type of ships ocean mappers or cartographers use. They have to be big ships because the men and demon are out at sea for long amounts of times.


A GIS is designed to organize and put together maps on a computer database.