Expansion: Deepen and Extend

Learning Innovation Marker Series: Edition 1

The LIM Newsletter Series

Laying out a vision for each innovative learning marker and providing sample resources that can be used to further instructional practices in relation to its goal.

How does an individual expand their learning?

Learners continually engage new experiences and develop various ways to extend, deepen, and express their knowledge and skills by relating new, conceptual ideas to their current understandings. Time, attention, and a variety of resources/tools are used to acquire new ideas through a synthesis of prior/new experience, hands-on activities and reflective practices. By constructing knowledge this way, learners monitor their own progress and employ useful, efficient strategies that assist them in finding and filling ‘gaps in understanding’ to generate new knowledge.--drafted by the HS Tech Liaison Committee

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How long will we continue to settle for the best textbook we can buy? The ck-12 non-profit organization has a new vision of the way things can be. Flexbooks, the publishing platform allows you and your students the opportunity to put together a custom textbook complete with multimedia simulations, flashcards, quizzes/exams/test banks and much more. 38,000 schools in the United States have already adopted Flexbooks to empower their learning communities. Academics, Industry experts and NASA have been contributing content to this free, searchable database since 2010. Invite your entire department to collaborate on assembling the most effective resource for next semester and change it on the fly as your class changes. This resource is fully compatible with Google Classroom and any electronic device short of a toaster that you’d like to read it on. You owe it to yourself and your students to investigate this tool today. Click here to get started. Contact me (Garrett Drake) or Dan Bench if you have questions about getting started.

Engaging Resourceful Multimedia

Resourceful YouTube videos can offer a comprehensive synopsis utilizing engaging visuals and graphics. The video below is wonderful example of how a 6-minute video can deliver a wealth of information to viewers about current issues and problems affecting the world today. In addition, the video’s posting date, point of view on the issue, and the linked resources offer up numerous ways to investigate the topic and promote inquiry-based exercises.
The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Deep Learning Professional Development Conference

If you have a little extra PD money and you’re interested in expanding and/or exploring instructional technology practices, Deep Learning @ NIST is a one day PD event designed to provide you this opportunity. If you’re really interested in attending, but have exhausted your PD funds, please contact me before the early bird deadline, and we can work on finding the funds for you.