Las tortilla

Noah Greenleaf

Paul Tanner

Paul tanner was born 1913 and he died in 2013 of pneumonia.He had 5 brothers and they all played a instrument.He learned to play the trombone in a reform school.Paul gained fame in Glenn miller band from 1938,1942.He joined the army and became part of the 378th army service.

Las tortilla

for baritone and piano,Is in the key Bb major with 6/8 meter.This piece contains light dance rhythms.the structure of this composition is called ternary form.

Noah greenleaf

I was born in January 23,2003.I have a sister,brother and a dog.I like to play basketball and soccer.My favorite food is pizza.I like to play video games.


I like how we got to do research instead of practice are song. i didn't like how we have to preform in front of every one.i think we should't do the research and just practice.


mezzo forte medium loud.