Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy is very historic from its museums to landmarks.

Jump Into Some of Rome's Delicious Food!

Are you hungry? You should try some of Rome's delicious food. When you eat in Rome you can choose from meat, fish, or foul. Did you know Italians are known for their spaghetti and linguini? A lot of Americans love them. Spaghetti is very easy to prepare, plus it's very delicious. You should try to make it at home. People like spaghetti with meat, or fish. Be sure to enjoy one of these tasty dishes while in Rome.


rome's cool cultures

Rome is interesting with lots of cool cultures. Many people in Rome are Christian. Some are Catholics who pray at shrines for gods. In Rome there is a Pope that runs the Catholic Church. Some of the Romans are Roman Catholic instead of simply Catholic. Rome has many interesting cultures to discover.

Visit Some of Rome's Interesting Attractions

Rome has some very interesting attractions to experience. Piazza Venzia represents the heart of Rome. Piazza del Campidologo is the headquarters of the Italian goverment. Rome's squares are some of the main attractions in Rome. Many people from around the world go to Rome for vacation. Rome is very fun with lots of attractions to visit.

Rome's wicked cool landmarks

Rome is full of fancy landmarks. Come visit them! St. Peter's Basila is Europe's largest church. The most famous palace is Venezia Palace. Many of the nicest paintings are in the Vatican Palace. The oldest collection of paintings is in Capotline Museum. I hope you check out Rome's cool landmarks.

The many languages of rome!

Rome is a city with multiple languages. The formal language of Italy is Italian. You should try to learn it. Another language is Latin. Latin is called a dead language. The most common second language is English. Many Italians know English so tourists who speak English can communicate with those Italians. If you want to hear some pretty languages, you should visit Rome!

different climates of rome!!!!!!

Romes cold and the winter and hot in the summer. Winters in Rome are cold and rainy. Rural areas are droughty different times of the years. Rome is cold most of the year so pack warm clothes. Rome is good warmth in the summer. Rome has very good weather come and visit.