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What's Up?

This past week, students learned about volume in Math and continued learning about the Civil Rights Movement and Earth Science. In Language Arts, they finished up an informational writing on kangaroos and started reading the book Bunnicula.

What's Next...

In Math, students will begin converting different measurements. Students will continue learning about Earth Science and in Social Studies, they will learn about the end of the Cold War. Students will work in groups to create podcasts to show what they learned about the 1950s and 1960s. We will also continue to work on informational writing. Remember, there is no school Monday, March 23rd.

Dates to Remember

March 23rd- Professional Learning Day- No school for students
March 24th- Report Cards go home
April 1-3rd- Wahsega Trip
April 6th-10th- Spring Break
April 14th- Testing Begins

Science Fair checkpoints

Science Fair project conclusions are due this Friday, March 27th. I've extended the deadline, but after Friday, your child will only be able to earn 1/2 credit for that checkpoint. The Science Fair project board isn't due until after Spring Break.

School Supplies

Please ask your child about how their school supplies are doing. I know there is only a couple months left, but many students have lost/broken their crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, and glue sticks. Remember- if you send it in for your child, it is theirs to keep track of. I don't collect these materials for everyone to use, so they can always start the next school year with these supplies!

Your child must master ALL ALEKS concepts by April 14th. Please make sure they are doing 1-2 concepts a night. Many students are behind, and they will miss their recess to catch up.

Ms. Everly's Good Luck Gift

Our student teacher, Ms. Everly, has been with our class most of this year and her last day is April 30th. The kids and I talked about getting her a set of Eggsperts for her classroom, which we could get with a donation of $1-2 per student. If you could donate, please send in this money by 'April 20th. Thank you!