The Lancer Tribune

Volume 3: Issue 12

Congratulations to All Students on the Principal's List & Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter!

Highlighted Event: Boys & Girls Basketball Game Guidelines

With boys basketball season now upon us, we want to revisit some policies put in place during volleyball season, and also introduce some new policies for upcoming boys and girls basketball games.

1. All students planning on attending the basketball game must leave the building by the 3:15 bell after school. Students will be permitted to return to the building at 4:00.

2. All students not accompanied by a parent/guardian will be required to sit in the student section. The student section will be in the section closest to the wall on the girls side locker room. Students will begin filling in the second row, and will go as high as needed.

3. No students from North will be permitted to attend boys basketball games. The only exceptions will be the following: North students accompanied and sitting with parents, North students with siblings participating, and North students who are in the boys basketball program.

4. A new policy will be put in place for basketball season: all students attending games must be in the student section during all game times. Students may only visit concessions and the restrooms during halftime and in-between games, and must be in their seats when the games start. Any students who violate these rules repeatedly will be asked to leave and may be barred from attending future events. This is to ensure that all students can be properly supervised and safe during extracurricular events.

Thank you for your understanding of these guidelines for our after school events.

Additional Levy Information

Because of the cuts made by the State of Ohio, Willoughby-Eastlake will be placing an initiative on the ballot on November 5th so that we can maintain the current programs offered to our students. These cuts, coupled with the fact that state funding to the district is capped, have created a tremendous financial shortfall, one which we cannot escape. The district has made more than a million dollars in cuts and will continue to make further cuts if we do not pass a levy.

Please plan to attend an upcoming meeting to learn more about this critical issue and to have your questions answered.

You can find the meeting schedule and other important facts below.

PBIS Parent/Guardian Assessment for WWMS

As our PBIS program continues to improve to meet the needs of all of our students, we are working on collecting data to better assess where we are and where we need to go to improve. Please see the description of this assessment below, and click the link below to complete the survey. It should only take about 10 minutes.

The PBIS Self Assessment Survey (SAS) is used by school staff for initial and annual assessment of effective behavior support systems in their school. The survey examines the status and need for improvement of four behavior support systems: (a) school-wide discipline systems, (b) non-classroom management systems (e.g., cafeteria, hallway, playground), (c) classroom management systems, and (d) systems for individual students engaging in chronic problem behaviors.
WWMS PBIS Parent/Guardian Assessment

Thank You for completing this survey!

PBIS News & Updates

As part of our goal of improving our PBIS program and going for Silver Award recognition, we are working on improving our communication in regards to discipline throughout the year. Please click here for a comparison of discipline data from last school year to this school year through the month of September. These comparisons will be sent out roughly once per month.

Calendar of Events: Week of November 4, 2019

11/4: Boys Basketball vs. Willoughby MS 4:30

11/5: Election Day- Please Vote (

No School! Professional Development Day

Boys Basketball vs. Eastlake MS 4:30

11/6: 8th Grade Locker Clean Out

11/7: 7th Grade Locker Clean Out

Boys Basketball vs. Memorial MS 4:30

11/8: 8th Grade Veteran's Day Breakfast (1st Period)

6th Grade Locker Clean Out

About Willowick Middle School

Willowick Middle School is one of three middle schools in the Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools. WWMS is a 6th-8th grade building, serving just under 550 students from five different communities.