Social Groups

By: Martha M, Klohie K, and Maddie L

Post Cold War Culture


What: Baby boom

Time Period: Late 1940s through early 1960s

Location: Throughout the United States

Cause and Outcome of Event or Person:

Cause: Soldiers returned from WWII and settled into family life.

Reason: The war ended.

Result: A baby boom, causing the birthrate to soar.


Significance: It created the largest generation in the nation's history. It also changed women's roles, created the discovery of drugs to fight and prevent childhood diseases, increased school enrollment, and increased toy sales.

To Whom: Citizens in America


What: Mexican braceros (Mexican Americans that were allowed to come to the US to harvest crops during the war and expected to leave when it was over) remained in the United States illegally.

Time Period: 1948-1950s

Location: Unites States

Cause and Outcome of Event or Person:

Cause: The United States had a shortage of agricultural laborers during WWII, so Mexican braceros came and wanted to stay.

Reason: They wanted to escape poor economic conditions in Mexico and have a better life in America.

Result: There was prejudice against the Mexican braceros and hundreds of thousands of other Mexican Americans entering the country illegally. Also, Mexican Americans stepped up their efforts to get rid of discrimination by organizing the G. I. Forum as well as founding the Unity League of California to give them equal rights.


Significance: The illegal immigration was a problem then, and still is today. It created discrimination against Mexican Americans.

To Whom: Americans and Mexican Americans.