My Learning Reflection

By: Chelsea Borg

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation software where you can easily make nice, short slideshows that get the message across. It's great for school, work, and every day purposes. It's super easy to add slides and move them around. Adding pictures to your slides is crazy easy. Changing the layout and slide type is even easier than adding a new slide. When you add pictures to your slides Haiku Deck provides a search bar so that you don't have to open a new tab and Google pictures and copy and paste them. Haiku Deck does that for you and you don'e even have to make a bibliography for your pictures.

Google Presentation

Google Presentation is a good program for school projects and for work presentations. It's more of a technically based program. It's really simple and easy to work but at the same time you can do a lot with it. With one click of a mouse in Google Presentation, it opens up a wide variety of things possible to do.


Gimp is a digital image editing program. It's fairly simple to use and great for cropping and moving pictures around. Gimp has a lot of potential. I find Gimp interesting because I still have a lot of stuff to learn about.