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In a job market filled with more candidates than jobs, networking must be your top priority. Statistically speaking, 70% of job seekers find a new job through networking. Go ahead put yourself out there, expand your professional network, ask friends, family, and colleagues for help and you'll land your new job in half the time. Need help with how to network in the electronic age? No problem. just drop us a line

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If you need help navigating your job search just give us a call at 817-466-0015 so we can help. A certified career specialist will speak with you about your career goals and help you develop a job search strategy that's right for you. It's a free call so there's nothing to lose.

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Career Wizards is one of the nation's leading career marketing service providers. We've been helping job seekers across the U.S. elevate their personal brand since 1998 with our personalized resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and recruiter introduction services. We hire only the best and brightest career marketing specialists to ensure our clients get the highest quality services at a price they can afford.