TK & Kindergarten Transitions

Collaborating with Families

The Importance of Creating a Transition Plan

Ideally, the first day of Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten is seen as an exciting day filled with proud families taking photos of their children and meeting their teachers. However, for many children, the first day of school can be filled with angst from all the unknown events and overwhelming environments. What we do beforehand to prepare children and families can make a remarkable difference in children feeling confident and secure in starting school.

Child care providers can collaborate with families to create a transition plan that provides resources and activities to support children and families on their new journey. By creating a transition plan, we not only help families navigate the hurdles of enrolling their children in TK/K, but we also help children understand the environment and activities that will soon be part of their daily routine.

To help children with the transition, providers and families can read books about starting school, provide activities that introduce routines of a classroom, talk about and look at videos or pictures of the common areas in a school, and practice strategies for navigating complex emotions. By focusing on the social-emotional development and the well-being of children and families in a holistic way, children will be better prepared to have a smooth transition and a successful start to school!

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Some Tips for Parents

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Are You? Tips From a Teacher.
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Helpful First 5 California Articles

How to Prepare for Kindergarten

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Prepare Early with this Calendar to Success!

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Useful Websites

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Books About Starting School

Share "This Is Me" Form With Your Child's Teacher!

Help your child's new teacher get to know them well on the 1st day of school. Click the picture below for the printable resource.

Give Children an Understanding of Their New Environment!

There are many new things a child will experience when starting school. Many people forget to consider that a school bus is loud and overwhelming, or that a young child might not know how to open their food in the lunchroom. You can help them feel independent and confident in their ability to meet expectations at school by watching videos, looking at pictures, reading, and discussing all the new experiences they will soon have.

Provide a Sneak Peak with the Videos Below!

When Possible: Walk By or Visit the School with Your Child!

Walk, drive, or visit the school beforehand. This can help prepare children for their first day. Talk to them about their feelings, share your excitement, and help answer their questions.
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Are you wondering if your child may need further assistance?

If you are concerned about your child's development or have wondered if they would benefit from additional support, click here to learn about our local referral processes and services before they start school.
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