By Ashritha Vel

What is Badminton?

Badminton is a sport wicht you play they play with a 16 goose feathered shuttle and a hard badminton racqet. Badminton is simular sport to Tennis but in tennis you youse a havier ball but in badminton the youse a lighter shuttle and a way differrent racquet.

Famouse Badminton players!!!

One of the famouse players are Susi susanti she is a famouse badminton player from China and one the championship,Sain Newhal is also a very famouse badminton player but from India she aso won the badminton chamionship.


There onlt two bits of equipment and they are very important if there wasnt such thing Badminton wouldn't be created,the two main pices of equipmepment the racquet and the shuttle. hitthe shuttle it's hard and strong.

Shuttle: A shuttle is what gets hit by the racquet and that is how badminton was created (in the 5th centtury.)