Four Days To Glory

A book about wrestling and wrestlers from iowa

The summary

In the book "Four Days To Glory" there is a lot of wrestlers but its mainly about two. They are Jay Borschel and Dan LeClere. They were two senior wrestlers from Iowa and they each had a chance to win state titles a fourth time in a row. This book is the first auto biography I have read and I really liked it because my brother wrestles. There are some great quotes in this book by Dan Gable and some of the other coaches that are meaningful and I have heard used when I wrestled and from my brother. Coach Haas our wrestling coach at Hempstead is also mentioned in this book. I was able to read this book in a week because it kept me interested with my own knowledge of wrestling.

What this book is really about

This book is really about The life of two wrestlers and what its like to accomplish your goals in life and in sports or anything. These two guys have put there whole life into wrestling. They give it there best for everytime they workout, practice, wrestle and live the life they do.

Secondary Characters

Incidental characters

Matt McDonough, Ryan Morningstar, Brett Morrman, Mike Fischer, Ben Morrman, Troy Mills.

Main Conflicts

In the beginning of the story Coach Haas didn't let one of his wrestlers wrestle Jay Borschel because he was afraid of losing team points. People were afraid to wrestle Jay Borschel because he was mean and his nickname was "The Hammer."The main conflict was the coaches and wrestlers talk about how kids tournaments today are becoming very brutal because of bad coaching.


2006-2008 were the years Mark Kreidler discussed in the book. They were from many wrestling tournaments all over Iowa. Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Des Moines where the majority of the information was written.
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Author Above is Mark Kreidler

Mark is a regular contributor to ESPN and a recipient of the Associated Press. He is known to be one of the top 10 sportswriters in America. He has also written The VooDoo Wave and Six Gold Innings. He lives in northern California with his wife and sons.

This book is written 1st person

Literary techniques

  1. Jay says, "I was ready to go tonight."-pg 5-paradox
  2. Jay says, "Believe in actions, not words."pg5-hyberbole
  3. "No one can make a move for Jay he makes his own". said his coach-pg 49-sensory detail
  4. "Dans the only one who talked about a loss" said Leclares mom-pg183-pathos
  5. "Now be smart." said Dan-pg 174-tone
  6. "Its freezing and now he has to be wheeled out in an ambulance." pg. 78 says a woman in the stands-tone
  7. "This sport is a heart wrenching sport" said Dan Gable pg 106-oxymoron
  8. "This stuff becomes tough stuff." said Zaleksy pg 102-hyberbole
  9. "Iowa is the only place I will think about going." said Jay pg. 85-personification???
  10. "You need to be in my head!" says Jay pg.51-oxymoron


The author researched Jay Borschel and Dan LeClere because he enjoyed how good of wrestlers they were in high school. While writing this book he discovered how their lifestyles were different from any other sport. The grind of working in the offseason as well as the strategies coaches used to better there teams. Underneath it all he discovered how youth wrestling before high school the kids are poorly trained in technique and the parents are overly involved and emotionally damaging to the kids. Coaches in high school have to repair and reteach wrestlers from inexperienced wrestling parents.

In this book the theme is developed by interviewing Borschel and LeClere based on their experience and the coaches they wrestled for in high school.


  1. "Believe in actions not words." by Jay. pg 5. When people talk and say negative words about you, you show them its not true. Especially in wrestling because many times people will say you can't beat someone and then you do.
  2. "This sport is a heart wrenching sport."by Dan Gable. pg. 106. Wrestling is tough on your emotional heart. when you win its great and feels good and when you lose it hurts you and it can hurt your team.
  3. "Jay is a very supersticious guy." said Streicher. pg 164. When you have success you remember what type of music you were listening too, what singlet you wore, what socks you had on etc. Its like being lucky.
  4. "You have to wrestle smarter and harder each time." said Ben pg. 179. Each time you wrestle remember what mistakes you made in the past, and learn from them. Work hard as often as you can and give 100% of yourself.
  5. "The more you know about it, the less there is to worry about it." Says Dan Gable pg. 138. The more you study yourself through video or coaches, you have less to think about and not fear yourself. Similar to the saying, "knowledge is power."

Textual connections

Text to world-Wrestlers have to show commitment. My brother Rees is on the Hempstead wrestling team and it is wrestling season right now. Some people may not show commitment to this sport than other sports. I can't imagine being an athlete at the advanced level they committed to in wrestling.

Text to self-I can relate to this book because I wrestled for a few years and my brother has always wrestled. I am not as committed to a sport like them. Reminds me of conversations at my home.

Text to text-I normally read fiction books. I don't really like sports. This is my first autobiography.