Anne frank

Anne frank project

Task 1 timeline

Anne is born: 1929 June 12

Hitler becomes leader of the German army: 1933 January 30

Otto frank sets up the opekta company in Amsterdam: 1933 September 15

Hitler says real Germans cannot buy from Jews: 1933 April 1

Edith and Margot frank move to Amsterdam: 1933 December 5

Hitlers government introduced race laws German Jews have rights September 15

taken away Jews and non-Jews are not allowed to get married: 1935

Britain declares war: 1939 September 15

Canada declares war on Germany: 1939 September 10

German army attacks Denmark and Norway: 1940 April 9

Italy declares war on Britain and France: 1940 June 10

France surrenders to German force: 1940 June 26

German aircraft bomb London hundreds civilians dead: 1940 September 7

Anne and Margot are not allowed to go to school with non-Jewish children: 1941 September 1

In Germany all people 6 or older must wear Star of David: 1941 September 1

Task 2 not allowed to graduate

Not allowed to graduate

Not allowed to have pets

Task 1


First victim of gas chamber are 600 Russian prisoners and 250 others: 1941

Anne frank gets her diary: 1942

Margot frank gets notice to show up for work camp: 1942

The frank family goes into hiding in secret annex: 1942

German army surrenders after 5 months of battling: 1943

Everyone hiding in the secret annex gets arrested: 1944

They are taken to westerbork camp: 1944

Edith frank dies in aushwitgz: 1945

Otto frank returns to Amsterdam he is the only one who survive the holocaust: 1946

Turkey declares war and Japan in: 1946

Hitler commits suicide: 1945

Germany surrenders; 1945

Task 2

Jews prohibited from performing: March 5

Jews prohibited from performing music: March 31

Jews not allowed to graduate: April 15

Jewish doctors can't practice: July 25

Jewish children can't go to public school: November 11

Jews not allowed to go to concerts and movies: November 12

Jews had to hand in drivers license: December 3

Jews not allowed to use swimming pools: December 3

Jews can be thrown out of homes and put in appointed (Jew homes): April 30

Jews not allowed on streets 8pm to 6am: September 1

Jews to turn in radios: September 23

Bakeries and candy stores off limits: February 14

Jews not allowed to have pets: may 15

Task 2


Jews not allowed to graduate:

It would have affected me because, I would not be able to go to culinary school if I do not graduate.

Jews not allowed to have pets:

I love my dogs so much I could not last a day without them when my first dog died I had to take counseling that's how much I love my pets.

I would have protested against the law against pets because my pets are very dear to me.

If I saw my neighbors dog and graduation suit being taken away. I would keep his dog for him since I am not a Jew and I would keep his graduation suit till all of this was over.

Task 3 sit in rooms


I was in my room all alone the lights were off all I had was my glow in the dark flashlight. I was very bored till my flashlight started glowing so I swung it around.

Then I turned it on and swung around holding on the the string. I thought it was cool because it made the shadows shake. I am very bored I can't wait for the two hours to be gone.

I was still very tired of waiting there was nothing to do but wait. I thought about what I was going to do after I got done

The whole time I wanted to play video games after I was done

Task 4 giving