Internet Searching

Checking websites for Reliability

What to think about when Validating Data

  • Who is the author?
  • When was it last updated?
  • Does it contradict information on other sites?
  • URL extensions
  • additional links and resources provided?
  • information useful for your topic?

Biased or Not Biased

Who you get in bed with- human rights, gay rights

Do you believe the man above?

The man above is actually an Israeli actor that works for the Israeli Government to make people go against Palestine and The Hamas Government. You should not always believe what you see.

Search Operators

  • "hello"-speech marks highlight key words
  • AND- two options
  • OR-one or the other
  • all articles with hi from bbc
  • Allintitle:hi- all websites all articles with title hi
  • about bbc
  • inurl:hi- with hi in the url