Hawk Happenings: Nov. 15th

Holy Rosary Regional School/Juan Diego Academy Community

Message from the Principal

Happy Wednesday!

We have received a wonderful opportunity for the Annual Fund this year. I was able to secure a $20,000 donation from a Community Partner. But...there is one big catch! In order for us to receive the donation, we have to demonstrate at least 50% participation from our families on the Annual Fund. Since we have 153 families at the school, this means that at least 74 families have to donate. Naturally, I would like for us to have 100% participation, but 50% will get us this fantastic donation. The amount you donate does not matter. The donor simply wants to see that our families are engaged in the fundraising! I know that we can do this. Last year, we had only about 25% participation. Let's blow the roof off this simple goal of 50%. Please don't let us miss this valuable opportunity to meet our fundraising goal. The Annual Fund raises money for teacher salaries, curriculum materials, and other valuable items in our annual budget. Please click on the link on our website (https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/o5kPfZnwU-9YPZxE8gatew) or drop by the office to donate.

Report cards and MAP scores are coming home today. Don't forget to sign up for a conference, if you have not already done so. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to talk with your child's teacher about their successes and challenges in the first trimester. See below for the link to sign up or contact Berenice in the front office.

Thank you!!


Katie Dempsey


Upcoming Events:

This Week:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 15th - Picture Retakes, Report Cards and MAP Scores go Home.
  • Thursday, Nov. 16th - Spirit/Seahawks Gear
  • Friday, Nov. 17th - No Mass Today, St Vincent DePaul Food Drive Bags Due Today!

Next Week:

  • Monday and Tuesday are noon dismissal. Extended Care is available until 6 pm both days. Conferences and Book Fair are in the afternoon on both days until 5 pm. If you would like to help with the Book Fair, please contact Berenice at office@hrrsjda.org.
  • Wednesday - Friday (11/22 - 11/24): No School for Thanksgiving Break

Teacher Potluck for Conference Days!

The Parent Committee would like to have families sign up to bring an item for the Teacher Potluck next week. Teachers have conferences until 5:15, so we want to make sure they have a nice treat for dinner. If you can bring something, please sign out. Here is the info:

Please sign up for Teachers & Staff Appreciation Potluck!

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on SignUp.com: http://signup.com/login/entry/5398702602
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp.com)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots - SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Parent-Teacher Conferences...Have You Signed Up Yet? It's Not Too Late!

Please sign up for Parent -Teacher conferences. The slots are 15 min. Fall conferences are mandatory, so we appreciate you doing your best to find a time that works. Just click on the link and check the times for Monday, Nov. 20 and Tuesday, Nov. 21. You will be able to sign up and the site will even send you a reminder as the day approaches.

Pre-K 3 (Ms. Marseille): http://signup.com/go/HQCCmxU

Pre-K 4A (Ms. Sonia): http://signup.com/go/UZnQTCc

Pre-K 4B (Ms. Juliet): http://signup.com/go/OPnLKYu

KG - A (Ms. Nuria): http://signup.com/go/ixNjhJE

KG - B (Ms. Raquel): http://signup.com/go/GYVQYrU

1/2 - English (Mrs. Holguin): http://signup.com/go/NuzoaaU

1/2 - Spanish (Mrs. Williams): http://signup.com/go/KCFOacX

3/4 - English (Mrs. Silva): http://signup.com/go/RdoWBvC

3/4 - Spanish (Mr. Ivan): http://signup.com/go/wTmkJkL

5 (Mr. Anderson): http://signup.com/go/ZGXJPwz

6/7 (Mr. Downing): http://signup.com/go/bqCVXqV

8 (Mr. Farias): http://signup.com/go/vVwfiNk

Please make sure to be on time for your 15 min. appointment. Teachers need to keep on track so that parents are not kept waiting. If you end up needing additional time, beyond the 15 min., the teachers are happy to make another meeting time with you.

How Can I Get $1200 for My Child??

  • Fulcrum Scholarships - Applications must be complete (with all documents uploaded) by December 8th!! Reminder: Families MUST apply through Fulcrum before the school can offer ANY financial assistance for the 2018-19 school year. No exceptions!

  • This is just a reminder that, whether you qualify for the Fulcrum Foundation grant or not, you must FIRST apply through their process before getting any financial aid through Holy Rosary Regional School. If you are receiving financial aid through Holy Rosary, we don't want you to lose that opportunity for next year. Here are the steps to the process:

    1. Apply for the Tuition Assistance Grant at https://online.factsmgt.com/aid (available in English or Spanish)
    2. Submit all documents requested by Fulcrum in order for your application to be VERIFIED. Any application still listed as SUBMITTED is incomplete.
    3. Families will be notified of whether or not they qualified for the $1200 per student grant ($1350 for high school students) in March.
    4. After notifications are made, families will be able to set up tuition contract meetings (this is only for families whose applications were completely submitted and verified by Fulcrum) to discuss financial aid for the 2018-19 school year.

    If you need a computer or help completing the application, please don't hesitate to contact Berenice at office@hrrsjda.org or call 253-272-7012. Do not delay. Our deadline for all applications to be completed (and verified) is Friday, December 8, 2017. That is just 4 weeks away!! If you miss the deadline or your application is incomplete, you will miss out on the chance for financial aid next year!

Popcorn Sales on Wednesdays and Fridays!

Student Council will be selling popcorn after school on Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning this week. We will do presales in the morning, so students will need to notify the teacher first thing in the morning if they want to purchase a small ($.50) or large ($1.00) bag of popcorn. The popcorn will be done ahead of time with preorders, but parents can wait to purchase them after school, if they would like to. The sales will be done on the 2nd floor balcony in the front of the school.

Fundraising Updates!

Chocolate Sale Winners (Congrats):

1st Place - Randy Houk (with Arzalia's help) - 28 boxes

2nd Place - Sheariah Wellington - 27 boxes

3rd Place (Tie) - Malaya Wilson and Carlee Dean - 15 boxes

Total Net Proceeds: $11,070

Hispanic Heritage Festival: $1893

Thank you to all of our parent helpers!!

From the Development Office:

Have you donated to the annual fund yet? If so, thank you so much! If not, it's not too late and we need your help. We have had a wonderful opportunity come our way in the last couple of days. Miss Dempsey has been able to secure a $20,000 donation from a community partner, however it is contingent upon us having at least 50% participation in the annual fund from our school families. Please help us achieve this goal. In prior years we have had anywhere between 10 - 25% participation from families. If we don't make our 50% participation, we will not be able to receive this $20,000 donation. Please feel free to send in a donation to the office, call Berenice with your donation, or just go on the website and click on the Donate Now button. We absolutely need your help. What you donate is absolutely up to you. We just need everyone to be involved. Thank you! I know we can do this together.

Thank You!!

A big thanks to the following families/staff for your Annual Fund Appeal/Playground Equipment donations:

Bridget Yaden & Jeff Smith

Richard & Stephanie Hernandez

Jeff & Claudia Klein

Jesse & Amanda Schweickert

Daryl & Raquel Lambrecht

Javier & Anita Lemus

Paul & Janel Martin

Juliet Quintero

Katie Dempsey

Casey & Sarah McKinney

Epitacio Garibay & Erika Ruelas

Sergio & Carrie Hernandez

Efrain & Patty Montes

Doris Silva

Alberto & Amparo Farias

Patrea & Josh Hernandez

Nuria Rodriguez

Don & Kelly Robertson

David Sanchez Garcia & Karen Ramirez Aguirre

Rosaline Y Tientcheu

Justin & Rebecca Inouye

Gabe Farias

Timur Kuzu & Christina Lorella-Kuzu

Dave Boynton & Melissa Kennedy

Shane & Valerie Pettit

Berenice Williams

John Downing
Marseille Grimaldi
Lizbeth Duran
Kaelyn Holguin
Else Wingert

Steve & Rhonda Kristoff

Social Media Dangers for Your Child(ren)!

Check out this important article about some advice on Social Media for children!


It is important that parents know what their children are doing online.

Picture Retakes

Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 8-10:30am

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Noon Dismissal, Conferences, Book Fair

Monday, Nov. 20th, 12-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Don't forget to sign up for conferences.

Extended Care is available.

Book Fair in Mr. Ivan's Room on the 2nd Floor.

Noon Dismissal, Conferences, Book Fair

Tuesday, Nov. 21st, 12-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Don't forget to sign up for conferences.

Extended Care is available.

Book Fair in Mr. Ivan's Room on the 2nd Floor.

No School for Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, 8am to Friday, Nov. 24th, 3pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Enjoy the break!!

Christmas Program

Friday, Dec. 15th, 6:30pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

More details to follow on costumes, etc.

Tamale and Atole sale in the Auditorium!!