Tallahassee Florida


The Tomahawk Chop

This gesture just requires your right arm and some spirit. It is the chopping motion with your arm in the air bending at the elbow as your symbolic tomahawk chopping down you see at every game. This movement beautify accompanies the Seminoles war chant that was said to be stated in the !980's at a football game against Auburn. This is one of the most recognizable tradition at Florida State. It is truly breathtaking when everyone is a huge stadium is chopping their tomahawk singing their lungs out.

Osceola and Renegade

One of the most spectacular traditions in college football happens at Doke Campbell Stadium. A Lucky student portraying the famous Native American Seminole leader, Chief Osceola, charges down the field on an Appaloosa horse named Renegade. When he reaches midfield he plants his flaming spear in the ground to kick off every home game. Bill Durham thought up the idea his sophomore year and went to coach Bobby Bowden. They then got the permission of the school and the Seminole tribe of Florida. The first game of the 1978 season Osceola and Renegade took the field to tribute the Seminole tribe and never left.

Westcott Fountain

The is one of the most photographed land marks at Florida State. It was a gift from the senior classes of 1915 and 1917 to honor the Native American Seminole Tribe of Florida. This fountain is also the site of one of the most enjoyable traditions on campus. On your twenty first birthday you're thrown in. some even say you're not truly a Seminole until you've taken a bath in Westcott fountain.