by; Diana & Francisco

Hope gives us strenght to carry on even through the darkest night.

so I sat on the ground and thought about my two brothers , my father , mother ,and grandmother.

even though our journey was difficult , every once in a wild we were able to do something normal
Disney's Frozen Official Trailer

how are the movie and novel the same

A the movie and book are the same because even when it was a dark time hope always came

C Anna got her heart froze by her sister and than the power of love unfroze

E they both have hope and that helps them over come the problem

how is this related to the book

A: people are being killed and there are also inocent people .

C: Meanwhile, food, fuel and medical supplies are running out in Syrian towns and cities that have suffered heavy bombardment from the Syrian

E: both long way gone and was going on in syria are people that inocent people and is not there fault but they still got to pay for it.

Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad